Allied Fighter Jets Escort U.S. B-1s Through the Black Sea

RAMSTEIN, Germany – Allied fighters from Denmark, Poland, Canada, and the US escorted US Air Force B-1B bombers from Fairford, UK through Eastern Europe into the Black Sea for joint training on November 6.

The Allied aircraft practiced fighter-bomber escort procedures and bi-lateral communication on the long-range mission flying from the UK to the Black Sea. Then the aircraft conducted a range of simulated offensive strikes and defensive manoeuvres to support flying training objectives and interoperability between Allied aircraft and crews.


“Having the ability to move critical assets across the globe and throughout the continent at a moment’s notice gives our Alliance the ability to respond and counter threats anywhere, anytime.


The B-1s also practiced air-to-air refuelling procedures with a Turkish KC-135 while in the Black Sea, further reinforcing interoperability and strengthening the relationship with this Ally in a vital strategic location.

U.S. B-1B refueled over the Black Sea by Turkish KC-135. Photo: Turkish Air Force.