Poland boosts troops at Belarus border to 20,000 — Polish Interior Ministry

Poland bolstered the forces protecting the border with Belarus to 20,000 troops from the military, police and border guard services, according to a Twitter post by Blazej Pobozy, Poland’s deputy interior minister.

“In the situation when we are seeing intensified movements in the border zone, we are sending to that place expanded detachments of troops from the border guards and the police and soldiers. Their number as of now totals about 20,000,’’ he said.


‘Blackmail’: Lukashenko castigates Poland’s decision to move tanks to border with Belarus

The Polish side has decided to send units of the 10th Armored Cavalry Brigade on Leopard tanks to the town of Biala Podlaska on the border with Belarus and US Abrams and German Leopard tanks were engaged in drills in Lithuania.

Belarusian President Alexander Lukashenko has slammed Poland’s most recent actions as blackmail, as Warsaw sent Leopard tanks to the border with Belarus and German Leopard tanks….

“You must agree that in today’s world, taking up arms is tantamount to death or suicide. Especially here, in the heart of Europe and even more so [in a conflict] with Belarus. You always unleashed all the wars on this piece of land in the center and everything began from here. Haven’t you learned anything from history?” Lukashenko emphasized. were engaged in drills in Lithuania.