Belarusian army deploys more air defense units along western, northwestern borders

On-duty air defense units along the western border and the northwestern border have been reinforced, the Belarusian Defense Ministry told BelTA.

Interaction of units and assets belonging to the Belarusian-Russian joint regional air defense system was practiced on 10 November on the Belarusian Defense Ministry’s decision and with the approval of the Russian Defense Ministry. Belarusian Air Force units and Russian ones took part in the drill.

Fighter jets belonging to the joint air defense system practiced interaction in the air. The patrolling of Belarus’ aerial border was arranged with the assistance of two Russian Tu-22M3 aircraft….

Flights of strategic bombers used to be cyclical in the past. Starting 10 November they will become regular. These measures represent an adequate response to the evolving situation in the air and on the ground,” the Defense Ministry added.