Belarus, Russia worried by NATO buildup near their borders — Minsk

Moscow and Minsk have expressed concern over NATO’s buildup near the borders of the Union State, while the alliance prefers not to pay attention to these concerns, Belarusian Foreign Minister Vladimir Makei told a news conference following a joint board meeting of the Russian and Belarusian foreign ministries.

“We paid tremendous attention to arms control and disarmament. This issue is very crucial for both foreign ministries, in particular, in the light of the worsening of previous challenges and the emergence of new ones in the field of global and regional security and the growth of destructive trends towards breaking the existing arms control and disarmament agreements. The time is ripe to recall the term detente, largely forgotten since the Soviet era,” Makei said. “In this connection we are expressing concern over the continuing groundless NATO buildup on the borders of the Union State. Regrettably, our Western partners prefer to turn a deaf ear to us.”

Makei stressed that “large-scale comprehensive aggression along different tracks has been unleashed against Belarus.”…