NATO Allies cooperate across sea and air during exercise Castle Forge

US F-15 Strike Eagles have successfully completed their second set of forward deployments to Bulgaria and Romania during exercise Castle Forge, returning to Greece on November 6, 2021.

Two groups of US fighters forward deployed from Larissa Air Base (AB), Greece with one group operating in Bulgaria and the other in Romania….In addition to practicing fighter-to-fighter communications and integration procedures with Bulgarian, Romanian and Canadian fighters, the exercise provided opportunities for air-maritime integration.

“Castle Forge continues to demonstrate the value of working alongside allies, not only for airpower but across the entire spectrum of military operations,” said General Jeff Harrigian, NATO Allied Air Command Commander….

Over the week-long detachment, the US F-15s were able to work with U.S. Navy Sixth Fleet ships, the USS Porter and USS Mount Whitney, who were operating in the Black Sea….[T]he F-15Es integrated with a Greek EMB-145 and a Turkish E-7T Peace Eagle, which were providing airborne surveillance and command and control.

U.S. and NATO military bases in Bulgaria

U.S. and NATO military bases in Romania