Central Europe Nations Wrap Up Chiefs of Defense Conference

The U.S. European Command and Bulgarian Defence Forces held the Central Europe Chiefs of Defense Conference Nov. 17-18, 2021 in Sofia, Bulgaria.

Adm. Emil Eftimov, Chief of Defense, Bulgarian Armed Forces, and U.S. Air Force Gen. Tod Wolters, commander, U.S. European Command, served as co-hosts for the conference.

Participants also included the Chiefs of Defence from Czech Republic, Croatia, Hungary, Romania, Slovakia, and Slovenia.


“Last year, U.S. Defense Secretary and Bulgarian Minister of Defence signed a 10-year road map charting defense cooperation between the two countries over the next decade,” said Adm. Emil Eftimov, Chief of Defense, Bulgarian Armed Forces. “We stay committed to…better compatibility with NATO requirements, and enhancing interoperability in all domains.”


Central Europe and the Black Sea are strategic regions of growing geo-political and global importance. Joint exercises and interactions between allied and partner forces increases interoperability across all domains….

“…This gathering is very useful given the ever-dynamic security conditions in the vicinity of the Black Sea,” said Air Force Gen. Tod D. Wolters, commander, U.S. European Command [and NATO’s Supreme Allied Commander Europe]….