From Alex re “If we start a war here in Belarus, NATO and Russia will get involved. It will be a nuclear war.

With the recent failure of US-NATO-allied bloc regime change efforts (targeting Belarus) through colour revolution techniques, a kinetic stage of operations is approaching. Importantly, recent joint Russia-Belarus displays of military cooperation (involving Russian strategic aviation) should clarify to the US-NATO-allied bloc their plans for war against Belarus translate to war against Russia.

Importantly, various analysts have reported the developing recognition that a US-NATO-allied bloc war against Russia is almost unavoidable. Russian efforts to prevent this outcome are assessed as likely to be ineffective.

Current Western bloc narratives (propaganda) of Russian preparations to “invade Ukraine” omit to mention a US-NATO supported Ukraine is actively intensifying offensive operations against ethnically Russian populations in the Donbass region and mobilizing military forces/military architecture on the borders of Russia. Associated statements by Ukrainian officials of preparations to “liberate” Crimea (that voted to rejoin Russia) reinforce the concept that a broader regional war is likely approaching.

As it is commonly recognized a US-NATO-allied bloc war against Russia is likely to progress to a nuclear warfare event, it would be prudent to quietly prepare for these increasingly probable situations (recognising an eventual worst-case scenario does not translate to human extinction but it would eclipse previous world wars).

Note: As (potentially concurrent) direct kinetic stages of conflict are approaching both Russia and China (US-NATO objectives translating to eventual scenarios of war against both), it would also be prudent for Russia and China to further develop interoperability of their armed forces and importantly develop integrated operational plans (including of their strategic forces) for various war scenarios.