From the quasi-governmental Defense News website. Excepts are brief as some fifteen years ago I was told by its lawyers to remove all material I had posted from it and affiliated sites (, Navy News, Air Force Times, etc.) from the archives of the Stop NATO Yahoo Group or face legal consequences. The items in question were deleted. Then Defense News contacted Yahoo, which threatened to close down that group and my personal email account – which I used for banking, medical, employment, etc. communications – because someone had cross-posted one of the aforementioned items and it ended up in the archives of a Yahoo Group in Pakistan. I had no idea who ran that list or how to contact whoever did, but I was instructed to delete material from it or lose my Yahoo email account. Free flow of information, the bedrock of Euroatlantic values.

If the Russian military crashes through a forest, will NATO hear a sound?

NATO ought to consider whether it will employ its most effective military tool for responding to just this kind of security crisis — the NATO Response Force, or NRF.

The intent was to strengthen NATO’s readiness and responsiveness as well as act as a catalyst for improving and expanding European military capabilities. In the wake of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine in 2014, NATO revamped the NRF, shortening the response time of its centerpiece multinational brigade of 5,000 troops to as little as 48 hours…..