Estonia sending almost 100 Defense Forces members to Poland

Estonia will send almost 100 members of the Defense Forces to help Poland…on the Polish-Belarusian border, Defense Minister Kalle Laanet [said].


The Defense Forces will send troops including reservists from the Engineers, Military Police, Reconnaissance units and combat camera teams to Poland.

Estonia is also assisting Poland in enhancing its intelligence capabilities and will send drones.

Personnel tasked with preparations will go to Poland immediately and the rest over the next week, said Major General Veiko-Vello Palm, deputy commander of the Defense Forces.


Estonia has already sent several rotations of personnel to assist Lithuania and will send people to Latvia in the coming weeks.

Personnel from the British Army’s Royal Engineers are also being deployed to Poland in response to the crisis, and could potentially aid the three Baltic States as well if needed, U.K. defense minister Ben Wallace said….

The U.K. will send approximately 150 Royal Engineers.