Reported as emanating from Russia’s Foreign Intelligence Service. It’s worth recalling that immediately following the 2008 five-day war between Georgia and Russian triggered by Georgia’s shelling and invasion of South Ossetia, the first American official to visit Georgia and pledge massive aid to the nation was then Senator Joseph Biden, a role he had played for several decades; that of not only supporting but agitating for every U.S. military action from 1973 onwards.

Situation around Ukraine is similar Georgian before the war, – Russian intelligence

“The provocative policy of the United States and the European Union, which deliberately strengthens Kyiv’s sense of permissiveness and impunity, is extremely worrying. We observed a similar situation in Georgia on the eve of the 2008 events. Then Saakashvili broke ‘free from the chains’ and tried to destroy Russian peacekeepers and the civilian population of South Ossetia. It cost him dearly,” the message says.

“The Americans are painting a terrible picture of how hordes of Russian tanks will begin to crush Ukrainian cities, convincing them that they have some ‘reliable information’ about such intentions of Russia,” the statement said.