He spoke about a first-strike nuclear option, to be clear.

NATO ambassador: US remains critical for Estonia, Europe security

United States involvement in European security and in NATO is critical, Estonia’s ambassador to NATO Jüri Luik says, across two interviews given in the past month to defense and security publication Defense News, a high-level, United States-based weekly, while the nuclear deterrent should not be ruled in or out, Luik said, even as President Joe Biden’s administration is reportedly mulling a ‘no first use’ policy.


As to the use of nuclear weapons, Luik said that: “If you look at our threat picture, the likelihood of a conventional attack is higher than the likelihood of a nuclear attack. We believe that the present policy maintains the unpredictability of a response, including a nuclear response, which forces the adversary to think,” adding that this makes a potential attack on Estonia, Latvia or Lithuania more challenging.