Volfovich: International security architecture is falling apart in front of our eyes

“Today we are facing new risks and challenges to national security. Today’s realities are hybrid wars, cyberthreats, biohazard issues, military conflicts, international terrorism, and the use of artificial intelligence for criminal purposes. These and other threats affect all states. They need to be dealt with. Effective solutions need to be developed. This conference is devoted to these issues. The international security architecture is falling apart in front of our eyes. The arsenal of means of pressure includes such methods as political, economic sanctions and military activity in the territories of neighboring states. Belarus, unfortunately, also comes under the entire arsenal of these means of pressure. What is happening in the bordering states cannot but cause concern. This is NATO’s build-up, and the number of military exercises,” said [State Secretary of the Security Council] Aleksandr Volfovich.


“Over the past year, more than 50 major exercises took place in neighboring countries, including near the Belarusian borders. “Five exercises are underway in Poland and Latvia, with the troops involved exceeding 14,000. Is this number big or not? Probably it is enough to unleash a border conflict or provoke a neighboring country to take adequate measures in response.

“Proceeding from this fact, keeping the Armed Forces and all the forces and means of the national security system in general in full combat alert is the most important factor. This is probably the reason why these issues are under constant control of the President of Belarus and the Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces. Much attention is paid to the development of the Armed Forces as the state’s main military organization. The country purchases new planes, helicopters, armored vehicles, multiple rocket launchers, observation and targeting equipment, and automated troop control systems….For us this is the CIS, CSTO, cooperation with our strategic partners, the Russian Federation and China. Only together we can develop a set of measures that will make it possible to respond to these threats,” the state secretary said.