eFP Battlegroup Poland strengthens multinational interoperability during exercise Rifle Forge

From 30 October through 10 November, NATO eFP Battle Group Poland held its culminating combined arms live-fire exercise, Rifle Forge at Bemowo Piskie Training Area, integrating NATO fire capabilities.

Battle Group Poland’s two new contingents combined forces with the rest of the Battle Group: the Romanian Land Forces Iron Cheetahs and British Army’s Black Horse Troop.

Photograph: U.S. Army

The Iron Cheetahs provide Battle Group Poland’s air defense capability. In this exercise the Iron Cheetahs used Gepards to track and destroy simulated unmanned aerial vehicles.

This live-fire exercise also integrated the British Army’s Black Horse Troop and their reconnaissance capabilities.

The Battle Group Commander, U.S. Army Lt. Col. Craig Boyles, [said]: “The idea is to practice combining all our arms in order to strengthen interoperability. What we are doing is synchronizing all of our fires in time, space, purpose and resources. This demonstrates we are stronger together because just one of us really is not as capable and as lethal as all of us.”