Spanish State Visit to Sweden officially begins

On the morning of Wednesday, 24th November 2021, Stockholm woke up dressed for a party, as the Swedish capital was getting ready for the two-days State Visit from the King and Queen of Spain.

[O]n the morning of November 24th, King Felipe and Queen Letizia travelled to the Royal Stables, where they were met by King Carl XVI Gustav and Queen Silvia.

The four Royals then undertook the carriage journey from the stables to the Royal Palace, where a representation of the Grenadier Guards of the Life Guards was waiting for the two Kings to be reviewed.

Following the military parade, the official welcome ceremony continued with the introduction of King Felipe and Queen Letizia to members of Government and the Parliament of Sweden, while King Carl XVI Gustav and Queen Silvia were introduced to the Spanish delegation.

Photo: Casa de S.M. el Rey