Deployment of British troops in Germany doesn’t alleviate tension with Moscow – ambassador

The deployment of British Armed Forces in Germany won’t reduce tension between NATO countries and Russia, Russian Ambassador to the UK Andrey Kelin said in an interview with the Times Radio station.

“NATO is stepping up its presence along the borders of the Russian federation. We have lots of manoeuvring now in the Baltic Sea,” the Russian ambassador said. “We have strategic aviation, with nuclear warheads, flying 20km close to the borders.”

The ambassador also accused Britain of “stepping closer and closer” to Russia’s borders.

On Thursday, British Defense Minister Ben Wallace announced the plan for the modernization of the British Armed Forces entitled Future Soldier….According to the Times newspaper, under this plan, London intends to station around 250 units of equipment in Germany, including tanks, armored vehicles and drones. It is assumed that the British brigade will be formed in Germany which will be engaged in exercises in different European countries, including Estonia and Poland.