The author is evidently distinct from NATO Balkans war cheerleader Timothy Garton Ash, though one could be forgiven for conflating the two. The former is a regular contributor to the Ukrainian government’s UKRINFORM news site, whence the following excerpts are extracted. In echoing a recent parallel between Poland and Afghanistan in 1980 and Poland at the moment evoked by Ian Brzezinski and a comparable threat recently issued by Senator Christopher Murphy, along with John McCain one of the praetorian putschists in Ukraine as early as December of 2013, the writer is clearly letting it be known what the current U.S. and NATO strategy is for Ukraine.


Timothy Ash: Biden seemed to give Putin none of his asks

…Biden seems to have been very tough, highlighting the substantial sanctions which would be rolled out should Russia launch “another” offensive against Ukraine. It was also Biden’s chance to tell Putin “we know what you are doing, we have the intel.” “Don’t do it or else.” Notable I think also that later in the press conference National Security Advisor Jake Sullivan noted that if Putin goes in (again), the U.S. will continue to arm Ukraine to defend itself. To increase the cost to Russia – no doubt the U.S. warning that it would ensure Ukraine became a second Afghanistan for Moscow.

Important I think also that Biden seemed to give Putin none of his asks – so no commitment to no further NATO expansion, no Finlandization of Ukraine – non-aligned status – and no commitment not to re-arm Ukraine….

Putin got very little from this summit, aside from a Zoom call. And what we have learned in recent weeks is that for Putin it’s no longer about just NATO or EU membership for Ukraine. He does not like the fact that the West is helping Ukraine build its own significant military capability – imagine going from only 6,000 combat-ready and trained troops in 2014 to perhaps half a million now. Moscow has spoken about Ukraine as a NATO allied aircraft carrier on its borders. Nothing from this Zoom call seems to have changed that.

Indeed, from Sullivan’s comments and those of other NATO partners, the West will likely step up its efforts to arm Ukraine to defend itself. If Putin saw Ukraine as a military threat a month ago, it is an even bigger one now….