Anti-Bellum: Belarus compares Kazakh crisis to antecedents in Yugoslavia, Iraq, Libya, Syria, Ukraine, Afghanistan

TASS: With its aggression in Balkans, Mideast, Africa, Asia, Latin America, U.S. has no right to lecture CSTO on Kazakhstan – envoy

Anti-BellumJohn Bolton’s nightmare: 2,500 CSTO troops in Kazakhstan leads to restoration of Russian Empire, Soviet Union rising from its ashes

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Interfax: Russian, Chinese FMs confident peace and accord to return to Kazakhstan

TASS: Kazakh president labels riots coup d’etat plot

112 Ukraine: President Tokayev says he weathered attempted coup in Kazakhstan

Prensa Latina: West’s plan to place Kazakhstan under NATO’s umbrella failed

Belarusian Telegraph Agency: Belarusian Security Council says Kazakhstan withstood attempted coup d’etat, CSTO stabilized country, region

RT: Putin says Kazakhstan crisis attempt to copy 2014 Ukrainian ‘Maidan’

Azeri Press Agency: “Maidan methods” used in Kazakhstan; “not the first and won’t be the last attempt to meddle in the region from abroad” – Kremlin

TASS: CSTO members show determination to prevent color revolutions on their soil – Putin Armenia tells CSTO it has also faced international terrorism: Turkey deployed terrorists in war against Nagorno-Karabakh Armenia, Belarus embassies in Moscow threatened with explosions over Kazakh deployment Armenian, Russian defense ministers discussed the situation in Kazakhstan over the phone

Belarusian Telegraph Agency: At special session of CSTO Collective Security Council, Belarusian president says Uzbekistan can be next, many “explode the situation in post Soviet states”

Daily Sabah: Kazakhstan blames foreign-trained radicals for sundry attacks

TASS: Over 6,000 militants located near CSTO southern border – President of Tajikistan

Azeri Press Agency: Russian, Tajik Presidents discuss situation in Kazakhstan, Afghanistan

Trend News Agency: CSTO peacekeeping force will leave Kazakhstan as soon as situation stabilizes – Kazakh Foreign Ministry

Azeri Press Agency: CSTO Secretary General to visit Kazakhstan

Belarusian Telegraph Agency: China opposes external forces’ interference in Belarus’ internal affairs

Trend News Agency: President Tokayev discusses situation in Kazakhstan with European Council’s president

Collective Security Treaty Organization: CSTO Secretariat lowered its flags at half-mast as a sign of mourning for the killed in the Republic of Kazakhstan

Belarusian Telegraph Agency: Belarusians lay flowers at Kazakh embassy in Minsk in honor of slain

Interfax: CSTO mission strictly peaceful, temporary – Kazakh state secretary

Interfax: 2,000 CSTO peacekeepers, 250 pieces of hardware deployed in Kazakhstan – Tokayev

Azeri Press Agency: Organization of Turkic States holds emergency meeting on Kazakhstan

Global TimesRioting deescalates in Kazakhstan amid Russia-US wrangling: US smears Russian presence for fear of fading influence in Central Asia: expert

TASSColor revolution with help of gunmen and looters; Russian envoy to U.S. says thousands of jihadists active in Kazakh havoc

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The Indian ExpressInstability in Kazakhstan will resonate in regional geopolitics

Economic TimesIndian analyst on alleged role of Pakistani and Afghan religious extremists in Kazakh unrest

Collective Security Treaty Organization: Meeting of CSTO Collective Security Council on situation in  Kazakhstan will be held in format of videoconferencing on January 10

TASSVirtual summit of CSTO on Kazakhstan planned for January 10 – Kremlin spokesman

Collective Security Treaty Organization: Defense ministries discussed the situation in Kazakhstan and the actions of the CSTO Collective Peacekeeping Forces

TASSPutin to take part in CSTO Collective Security Council meeting on January 10 – Kremlin

Azeri Press AgencyDeputy head of CSTO general staff sent to Kazakhstan

Collective Security Treaty Organization: VideoJoint briefing of CSTO commander and Kazakh defense minister (in Russian)

112 UkraineKazakhstan authorities say situation stabilised, Russian-led alliance guarding strategic facilities

Russian Information Agency NovostiCSTO troops protecting important military, state and important civilian facilities – commander

Collective Security Treaty Organization: CSTO Secretary General had a telephone conversation with the commander of the CSTO Collective Peacekeeping Forces in Kazakhstan

Trend News AgencyWestern officials blast CSTO intervention for challenging “multi-vector foreign policy to balance Kazakhstan’s relations with Moscow, Beijing, Brussels and Washington”

112 UkraineEU’s Borrell moves to reprise his Ukraine role in Kazakhstan

Interfax-UkraineUkraine surveilling Kazakhs, spying on Internet use due to “Russian factor and probable provocations from Russian Federation

Hürriyet Daily NewsOrganization of Turkish States moves to rival CSTO in Kazakhstan