U.S. F-16s Complete Complete Successful NATO Deployment

The US F-16s deployed to Łask Air Base, Poland have returned to base at Spangdahlem, Germany….

This…deployment brought together American and Polish service members to cooperate under the banner of NATO Air Policing in the Baltic Sea region…enhancing multinational relationships and improving interoperability between Allies.

“We are in Łask, Poland to execute enhanced Air Policing as part of a larger NATO…,” said Lieutenant Colonel Parks, US F-16 Detachment Commander in Łask Air Base, Poland. “We have aircraft sitting alert and as soon as we receive a launch notice we get our aircraft airborne as a first responder and we are looking to identify and intercept any aircraft that is near NATO air space,” he added.

“It is important that we show we can cooperate together and work together, and perform missions together,” said Lieutenant Colonel Krzysztof Duda, Polish F-16 Squadron Commander….

U.S. F-16 taking off from Łask Air Base. Photo: U.S. Air Force.