British military personnel have already trained over 20,000 Ukrainian troops under Operation ORBITAL and Canada has trained over 30,000 under Operation UNIFIER. That information is open source and available on the Internet as the links establish. Is it possible the Russian Foreign Ministry doesn’t have access to computers? This time it’s a real red line; in fact Lavrov speaks of all red lines, so he acknowledges there have been several in the past. In fact Russia has been routinely identifying red lines for years, warning of dire consequences should they be crossed, as they always are – without consequences.


Lavrov called appearance of Western instructors in Donbas crossing of “red lines”

Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said that Moscow “categorically does not accept the appearance of NATO on the Russian borders.” He called it “a real red line” as Ria Novosti reported.

“The participation of Western instructors in the conflict in Donbas will cross all red lines and mean a direct clash between Russian people and NATO troops,” Lavrov claimed.

According to him, there are now “several hundred American and British military personnel in Ukraine”.

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