Denmark sends additional frigate to Baltic region for sovereignty enforcement

The Danish Ministry of Defense announced on Monday that it will send the Iver Huitfeldt-class frigate Peter Willemoes and four F-16 fighter jets to NATO’s standing naval force and to sovereignty enforcement in the Baltics….

…The Danish contribution will be under NATO’s command, but will focus on the Baltics. The Royal Danish Navy frigate HDMS Peter Willemoes will be ready for deployment from mid-January and the four F-16 fighters by the end of the month.


The contribution with the frigate Peter Willemoes is for NATO’s standing naval forces….

“We offer a strong and sought-after contribution to NATO by sending a frigate with 160 soldiers and four F-16 fighter jets and 70 men. That an almost unified Folketing [Danish parliament] is behind this is an important and clear signal,” Danish Defense Minister Trine Bramsen said.

The Iver Huitfeldt-class is a class of 138-meter-long anti-air warfare frigates….Three have been built and all of them were commissioned in 2011.