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UK works on new union with Ukraine, Poland

Experts from the NGO Council on Geostrategy have already developed a geopolitical map of a possible new geopolitical association

Minister of Foreign Affairs of the United Kingdom Liz Truss reported on the development of relations with Ukraine and Poland in the context of countering the Russian threat. This was stated by Truss during a speech at the Lowy Institute…according to the press service of the British government.

“This week, the United Kingdom announced a new package of training, support and…weapons for Ukraine to boost their…capabilities. And we’re working with our partners on high impact measures targeting the Russian financial sector, and individuals. We’re also strengthening our bilateral partnership following high-level talks in London in December – and we’re fostering new trilateral ties with Poland and Ukraine,” Truss stated.

…What is happening in Eastern Europe is important for the whole world, the minister stressed.

British non-governmental organization Council on Geostrategy, which was present at the event with the participation of the Foreign Minister, considered the words of Truss as a possibility of forming a new tripartite geopolitical alliance between Great Britain, Poland and Ukraine. On this occasion, the organization’s experts have already developed a map of a possible new interstate partnership.

As it was reported, the Polish Ministry of Foreign Affairs recently announced that Poland, Ukraine and the United Kingdom are strengthening cooperation in the face of security threats in Central and Eastern Europe.