Reminder to people born in the last few years and recent visitors from another planet: since its inception the Pentagon has not been in the habit of profering friendly advice or providing mild admonitions. It’s been in the business of making brutal threats and delivering on them with bombs and missiles. One does not wanted to be isolated (active verb) by the Pentagon.


Pentagon: Attack on Ukraine will lead to isolation of Russia on international arena

Pentagon spokesman John Kirby warned Russia against attacking Ukraine, otherwise it risks being isolated from the rest of the world. This Kirby said during a briefing on 21 January.

“If Russia undertakes another invasion of Ukrainian territory, then further isolation of it on the international stage is a very real outcome,” Kirby warned.

According to him, Russia does not have as many “friends”, partners and allies as Western countries.

U.S. President Joe Biden predicted a catastrophe for Russia in Ukraine in the event of an attack.

And Ukrainian Defense Minister Oleksiy Reznikov warned Europe that 2 million Ukrainian refugees would rush to the borders of Poland and Germany if Russia attacked.