A report on Latvia thanking Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau for his nation leading the NATO battle group in the country and being the largest trainer of Ukrainian government troops of any nation (over 30,000 as of last autumn) follows the commentary.

The same Trudeau who staged a shoddy publicity stunt by reporting he and his family had to be evacuated to a “secret location” because of protests in Ottawa miles from his residence. Anyone who’s watched live streams of those protests knows that not only were they peaceful, they were joyous and festive, with the largely young crowd dancing much of the day and into the evening. No property damage, no police officers attacked or harassed, no trash on the streets. By 8:00 or so yesterday evening people were laughing, singing and bursting into occasional shouts of Freedom! as truck horns sounded in a massive chorus and fireworks flared over the parliament building. One contingent of protesters carried Mexican flags. Supportive comments on the YouTube pages of the live streams were from all over the world.

One of the live-stream sites has almost half a million views. Another has over one million. These are the top four comments on that site:


Wszystkiego co najlepsze dla Kanadyjczyków, kierowców , którzy potrafili się zjednoczyć , , nie poddamy się. 💞🌺🇵🇱

You people are great motivation for rest of the world. Sending support to all truckers and Canadian people from Czech Republic. You are not alone, stay strong and don’t give up, amazing turn out, great freedom convoy, we love it. 🎀♥♥♥♥🚛

Massive respect and so proud of you guys and what you are doing – from the UK.

But CBC ran a feature with the head of an “anti-hate” group warning that the Canadian capital will be “festooned with swastikas” though CBC couldn’t find one to share with its viewers (while an abundance of Maple Leaf and an occasional Quebec flag were evident in the background footage), and the protests were “the worst display of Nazi and racist propaganda that I have seen in this country.” When Canada’s state media lie this blatantly about what happens in their own capital, how they be trusted in reporting on what’s happening in Eastern Europe?

Canadian Defense Minister Anita Anand denounced protesters accused of climbing on the the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier in Ottawa as “beyond reprehensible.” She’s now in Ukraine where the Canadian military has trained over 30,000 troops to fight alongside the Azov Battalion and other extremist nationalists not averse to flying the swastika. Really flying the swastika. Far-right extremists in Ukrainian military bragged about Canadian training. The Canadian defense ministry and military are more concerned about their citizens raising Canadian and Quebec flags on the national war memorial than Canadian troops arming and training the likes of the Azov Battalion.

Trudeau on Nazi flags, etc. Until 2:25


Latvia hopes Canada will bolster military mission amid tensions with Russia

Latvia is crossing its fingers that it is up next after Prime Minister Justin Trudeau announced this week that Canada is extending and expanding its military mission in Ukraine in response to concerns about Russia.

In an interview, Latvian Ambassador to Canada Kārlis Eihenbaums said his country’s citizens are grateful for the 600 Canadian soldiers currently deployed to the Baltic state to defend against the threat of Russian attack.

The Canadians form the backbone and lead a 1,000-strong NATO battle group that includes soldiers from nine other alliance countries….

Canada’s Foreign Minister Mélanie Joly meeting with Canadian combat troops in Latvia last November. Photo: CBC.