The propaganda mills are grinding on both sides of the East-West divide on this report; the output will soon become available. Assuming the documents reproduced by El País are the genuine article, the following excerpts and characterizations are the essence of the Western reply to Russian security concerns on its borders.

Update: State Department validates leaked documents responding to Russian demands, US holds firm on blanket NATO ban

Be prepared, however, to read of concessions made by the U.S. and NATO and Russia carefully examining them, etc. Then re-read what follows.


El País: NATO will deploy more troops in the east if Moscow continues its military escalation

NATO also combines [an] outstretched hand with a warning. On the one hand, it offers Moscow a full reestablishment of its relations, reopening its respective embassies, which have been closed since last October, and assures that NATO “is not seeking confrontation.” But it adds that it cannot compromise the principles upon which Euro-Atlantic security is based, including Article 5 of the founding Washington Treaty, according to which “an attack against one Ally shall be considered an attack against all. We will take all necessary measures to defend and protect our Allies, and will not compromise on our ability to do so,” it warns.


From 112 Ukraine. Contains reproduction of actual documents. Click on arrows on lower left and right of facsimile to scroll.

Withdrawing troops from Crimea, Transnistria, South Ossetia, Abkhazia

The United States and NATO have offered Russia arms control dialogue and measures to prevent incidents in exchange for de-escalation in Ukraine and the withdrawal of Russian troops from Crimea, Transnistria, South Ossetia, and Abkhazia.

“Russia withdrawing forces from Ukraine, Georgia, and the Republic of Moldova where they are deployed without host-nation consent.”