Emanuel is a former mayor of Chicago, White House chief of staff during the Barack Obama presidency, congressman, senior advisor for policy and strategy to President Bill Clinton and chairman of the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee. Based on past performance, he is the least diplomatic person to fill a diplomatic post.

From the TASS news agency.

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Washington recognizes Japan’s sovereignty over four islands in southern Kurils – US envoy

Washington backs Tokyo on the issue of the “Northern territories” (how Japan refers to the southern part of the Kuril Islands) and recognizes Japanese sovereignty over them, US Ambassador to Japan Rahm Emanuel said on Monday on the occasion of Japan’s Northern Territories Day.

“On February 7th, as Japan observes Northern Territories day, I want to be crystal clear, the United States supports Japan on the issue of the Northern Territories and has recognized Japanese sovereignty over the four disputed Islands since the 1950s,” Emanuel emphasized in a video message posted on his Twitter page. At the same time, he expressed support for the efforts of “the Japanese and Russian governments in trying to achieve a long overdue peace treaty.”

The US ambassador to Japan also expressed the view that “Russia’s disregard for the sovereignties of others is also not new, nor is it limited to the Northern Territories,” noting that he spoke with the Ukrainian ambassador to Japan on Monday. He mentioned Crimea and Eastern Ukraine, repeating recent accusations from the West that Russia is allegedly concentrating troops on its border with Ukraine.