Hungary Today
March 4, 2022

War in Ukraine: 90 Percent of Hungarians Support Non-Intervention

Also: Hungarian foreign minister warns against provoking war between NATO and Russia


Hungarians have shared their views on key questions about the war between Ukraine and Russia in two large-scale surveys. The findings of pro-government Századvég indicate that Hungarian viewpoints are most divided on who is responsible for the war, while nearly everyone agrees that Hungary should stay out of the conflict militarily, and prioritize national security. A rapid poll by Opinio found that Hungary is virtually cut in half regarding their interpretation of the conflict. While 51 percent view it as the disagreement of two nations, 49 percent see it as outright Russian aggression. A quarter of Opinio’s respondents say Ukraine should be given more support.

Századvég’s survey was intended to “map out who the Hungarian public views as responsible for the conflict, what it thinks about Hungary’s relationship with Russia, and what it thinks about Hungary’s course of action in the conflict.”

With regard to who is responsible for the conflict:

47 percent believe “both sides bear responsibility for escalation”
32 percent believe Russian President Vladimir Putin is responsible
13 percent believe Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky is responsible

Regarding Hungarian relations developed with Russia over the past few years:

66 percent say they are advantageous for Hungary
25 percent view relations as detrimental for Hungary
9 percent are uncertain or did not answer

Regarding the Hungarian approach:

90 percent of respondents support the policy of non-intervention while
9 percent believe an active response to Russian aggression and the punishment of Putin is important right now