Breaking Defense
March 4, 2022

Space Command looking to ground, ship-based missile defense radars to improve monitoring

US Space Command is working to improve its capability keep tabs on what is happening in space – including looking to ground- and ship-based missile defense platforms as additional sources of much needed data, SPACECOM head Gen. Jim Dickinson said today.

“My number one priority within the command is: how do I increase my battlespace awareness, in particular, how do I look at the space domain?” he told the Air Force Association’s annual conference in Orlando.


As examples, Dickinson mentioned the AN/TPY-2 (Army-Navy Transportable Radar Surveillance) X-band radars used by the Army’s Terminal High Altitude Area Defense (THAAD) system, and the Navy’s Aegis Ballistic Missile Defense system.

But the push to expand SPACECOM’s vision won’t end there, Dickinson stressed.

“We’re making the best use of the sensors we currently have in the Department of Defense around the world. And then we’re looking at the future of that,” he said. “So, what requirements do we need to put in addition on those sensors that we have today? And then what sensors do we need in the future to increase our battlespace awareness, space domain awareness, missile warning and missile defense?”