The Hindu
March 9, 2022

Ukraine should learn Afghanistan lessons, should not get involved in big power games, says Hamid Karzai


You’re drawing parallels between Ukraine and Afghanistan when it comes to the big power games. Many have warned that with its occupation or continuing invasion of Ukraine, Russia could face another version of what it had attempted in Afghanistan in 1979. Would you agree?

Karzai: There is already talk of mercenaries and foreign fighters coming from the rest of the world to Ukraine. In Afghanistan, some mercenaries came to our country. And the consequence of those coming from abroad, just like al–Qaeda and Osama bin Laden and the rest of them, you saw the consequences of that for Afghanistan. If I were Ukrainian, if I were making decisions in Ukraine, I would by all means stop the arrival of foreign mercenaries to my country, keeping Afghanistan’s tragic experience in mind. We’re suffering from that till today.

The money that the United States seized from Afghanistan, the Afghan assets in the U.S. banks. One reason given was that. So that should be a lesson that the Ukrainians should learn from and walk away from these extremely dangerous games that others may play on their soil.