March 17, 2022

The Russians published a video – Biden ordered the bombing of Belgrade


The video shows the current president of the USA, Joe Biden, saying that it was he who proposed the bombing of the capital of the then FR Yugoslavia.

“I suggested bombing of Belgrade. I suggested that American pilots go there and destroy all bridges on the Drina,” Biden said.

Zakharova states that Biden talks about it even before the bombing, explaining that Belgrade was bombed.

“Yugoslavia did not pose a direct or indirect threat to the United States or its citizens. They just needed it,” [Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria] Zakharova concluded.


After the 78-day air war:

“I will continue with every fiber in my being to keep America involved with troops that can shoot and kill….”

“I believe it is absolutely essential for American troops to be on the ground with loaded rifles and drawn bayonets.”