March 18, 2022

Has NATO acknowledged that?

NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg actually admitted during the conversation for the German media that Ukraine has been provided assistance since 2014, just as Russia mentioned on several occasions.

Stoltenberg was on a visit to Germany on Thursday, where he met with Chancellor Olaf Scholz, with whom he discussed the war in Ukraine and the joint response to the crisis. During the visit, Stoltenberg also spoke for the German media and explained how NATO will continue to provide support to Ukraine through military and financial aspects.

“We have strengthened our military and financial support for Ukraine. Germany plays a key role in these efforts. There are also unprecedented sanctions that affect the Russian Federation, which has to pay a high price for this war,” Stoltenberg said.

He also explained how NATO has provided support to Ukraine in the past, especially in the form of military training that has been conducted in Ukraine since 2014. “All this helped the Ukrainian troops against the invasion of the Russian army,” Stoltenberg points out.


In order to increase the security of NATO member states, Stoltenberg explains that additional contingents of the army are deployed on the eastern borders of the alliance.

“This is a very clear signal to Moscow that an attack on the ally will provoke a reaction from the entire alliance. All for one, one for all. We want to avoid any further conflict,” Stoltenberg concluded.