Civil Georgia
March 21, 2022

Three Georgian Volunteer Fighters Killed in Ukraine

Gia Beriashvili and Davit Ratiani were killed early on March 18 on the Irpin front, northwest of Kyiv….

“Dato [Davit Ratiani] [helped] a French soldier with an injured leg to reach the assembly point. A mine blast killed Dato on the spot.”

A vigil honoring Beriashvili and Ratiani was held in Tbilisi outside the Parliament building on March 19….

Opposition politician Elene Khoshtaria, who announced about the vigil events, said: “these people gave their lives for our freedom….”

Also on March 19, reports emerged that another Georgian fighting for Ukraine, Bakhva Chikobava died in Mariupol, a besieged Ukrainian city on the Azov Sea.

Chikobava, 54, under previous UNM [the United National Movement of Mikheil Saakashvili] administration served as the head of Interior Ministry’s Special Tasks Department in western Samegrelo-Zemo Svaneti region.


The Ukrainian Embassy in Tbilisi also reacted: “Heroes don’t die. Ukraine will always remember its heroes-defenders.”

March 21, 2022

Parliament Defence Committee Deputy Chair: “order” from majority of population is “peace”

The “order” from the “vast majority” of our population to the Government is “peace”, Vladimer Chachibaia, the Deputy Chairman of the Parliamentary Committee on Defence and Security, said on Monday in response to a poll conducted by the Georgian Opinion Research Business International (GORBI).

The Government is doing “everything to ensure” peace and stability in the country, the former Chief of the Georgian Defence Forces told TV Imedi channel in comments to the survey, which showed a majority of Georgian citizens agree with the Government’s decision not to join economic sanctions against Russia following the Kremlin’s invasion of Ukraine last month.

March 21, 2022

Prime Minister: “main interest” is to protect security of Georgia, citizens

The main interest of the Government on the backdrop of the conflict in Ukraine is to protect the security of the country and its citizens, Georgian Prime Minister Irakli Garibashvili said on Monday while also criticising the opposition for holding protests observed in “no other country”.

“Our Government, with its reasonable and state-oriented national policy, is managing to maintain peace and stability in the country,” added Garibashvili in his comments on the steps taken by his team since Russia’s invasion of Ukraine last month….

“No country in the world” has seen opposition protests demanding resignation of their governments, the PM said, calling the “anti-state” rallies held in capital Tbilisi following the outbreak of hostilities in Ukraine “completely unacceptable and incomprehensible”….

“[The rallies were], of course, organised by the forces that have been pursuing anti-state, anti-national policies for years. Of course, this is a treacherous policy,” Garibashvili said in reference to the protests about the Government’s stance since the start of the Russian invasion.

March 21, 2022

Agriculture Minister: Georgia in solidarity with Ukraine but avoiding harm to own citizens “necessary”

The Georgian Government is in solidarity with Ukraine amid the Russian invasion, but first it must think about its own citizens and avoid causing them damage as much as possible, Georgian Agriculture Minister Otar Shamugia said on Monday.

Shamugia was commenting on the decision of the Government not to join economic sanctions on Russia since its military attack on Ukraine last month, and noted “at this stage” Georgia continued its trade relations with the country.


The Minister also pointed to the survey by the Georgian Opinion Research Business International (GORBI) that showed a majority of Georgian citizens agreed with the Government’s decision not to join the sanctions against Russia.

The polling agency asked its respondents the question: “The Georgian Dream Government did not join the economic sanctions against Russia. Do you think this step of the Government is right or wrong?”, with 64.5 percent answering Yes, 30.4 percent calling the decision wrong and 5.2 percent responding by saying they were not sure, or declined to answer.