Hungarian Telegraphic Office
March 29, 2022

Orbán: Risk of being dragged into war at stake

“Ruining ourselves isn’t help, regardless of how our hearts beat as one with the Ukrainians,” the prime minister said in a video on Facebook.

Orbán said the demand by Ukrainians and the Hungarian left to “simply turn off the energy pipelines coming from Russia cannot be met because we’d be ruining ourselves”.

“And I doubt that would have been of any help to anyone,” he added.

Orbán said what was most at stake in the April 3 election was whether or not Hungary would be dragged into the war. “War destroys things, peace builds them up,” he said.


Hungary Today
March 29, 2022

Orbán: Risk of war at stake in Sunday’s general election

Hungary’s nationally minded political camp has made it clear that “we stand on the side of peace and Hungary cannot be dragged into the war,” Prime Minister Viktor Orbán told commercial news channel HírTV on Monday.

“The nationally minded camp in Hungary says that this is a Russian-Ukrainian war, and we’re Hungarians; we help those in need but at the same time we won’t take a single step that would get Hungary into trouble,” the prime minister said of the war. “We can’t help anyone by ruining ourselves.”

“If we get drawn into the war, which isn’t our war, we’ll have nothing to gain but everything to lose,” Orbán said. Hungary’s nationally minded political camp says that “we’ll stay on the side of peace, we won’t ship weapons, we won’t send soldiers and we won’t allow the transit of weapons across Hungary’s territory into Ukraine,” Orbán said in the interview.


Hungary Today
March 29, 2022

Ukraine Leaders Criticize Hungary

Deputy prime minister Irina Vereshchuk of Ukraine sharply criticised Hungary for refusing to send weapons to Ukraine and mistakenly accused the Hungarian government of not joining Western sanctions against Russia….

In Magyar Nemzet, Lászlő Szőcs describes the position of the Hungarian government as one of grief over the suffering of the Ukrainian people, while making sure that the conflict doesn’t spill over Ukraine’s borders. He welcomes NATO’s policy not to send weaponry to Ukraine as an alliance whilst allowing individual member countries to send defensive weapons. He suggests in his closing remark, without mentioning the United States by name, that one country which ‘influenced Ukrainian politics for years’ may now feel remorse at the sight of the destruction there.


Budapest Times
March 29, 2022

Szijjarto: Left would send weapons to Ukraine

If the left wing wins the parliamentary election, they will immediately approve sanctions on natural gas and crude oil supplies and they will immediately start weapons transports to Ukraine, the foreign minister said on Tuesday.

Peter Szijjarto said on Facebook that Peter Marki-Zay, the “the prime ministerial candidate of the Left”, had sent a message to the Ukrainian president in a Twitter post, showing that they had struck an agreement.

They have agreed that in case the left wing forms the next government in Hungary, they will immediately vote in support of sanctions on natural gas and crude oil supplies and start weapons transports to Ukraine, Szijjarto said. The Twitter message supports earlier information about the existence of such an agreement, he added.

Szijjarto said Hungary would suffer immediate and serious consequences if that agreement is fulfilled.

The start of weapons transports would immediately get Hungary involved in the war because they would be military targets, he said. The approval of the sanctions on crude oil and natural gas supplies would threaten fuel supplies and heating in Hungary, and it would result in the economy getting to the verge of a standstill, he added.

Opposition calls on foreign minister to resign

The united opposition has called on Foreign Minister Peter Szijjarto to resign over press reports suggesting that Russia’s secret services have “practically unlimited access to the information systems of the (Hungarian) foreign ministry”.