March 29, 2022

Bulgarian Defense Minister: We can’t Supply Ukraine with Something We don’t have. F-35s will Arrive from the Netherlands

Regarding the NATO battalion group, which will operate on the territory of Bulgaria under Bulgarian command, [Defense Minister Dragomir] Zakov informed that there is a contribution from the United States, Britain, Albania and Italy, and in 1-2 months it will be staffed, and then the command will be taken over by the Italian military. He stressed that it is a deterrent and is intended for defense.

“Next week, Dutch F-35 fighters will arrive in our country to help the Bulgarian Air Force protect the country’s airspace,” said Defense Minister Dragomir Zakov.

“Practical rotation is forthcoming next week. First come two, if I’m not mistaken, but you know that by decision of the Council of Ministers, there can be up to eight with the appropriate, of course, support and service staff.”


Sofia Globe
March 29, 2022

Defence Minister: Bulgaria’s multinational battle group will be ready in two months

Formation of Bulgaria’s multinational battle group is continuing and it is expected to be at full complement within two months, Defence Minister Dragomir Zakov told reporters on March 29.

Preparations are currently underway with the US military, and contingents from the United Kingdom, Albania and Italy are ready to join, Zakov said.

Zakov said that he had held talks with his Italian counterpart, who had reaffirmed Italy’s commitment to a significant contribution to the battle group.


He said that Dutch F-35 fighters would arrive in Bulgaria next week…

Initially, two would arrive, and in line with the Bulgarian Cabinet’s decision, the number may increase to eight.

There are currently Spanish Air Force fighter jets in Bulgaria, which will be in the country for at least two more weeks, Zakov said.


He said that the only option for Bulgaria’s military to be combat-ready in the short and medium term was to work with its Nato allies and EU partners.