April 5, 2022

NATO is punishing China, here’s in what way

Due to the refusal to condemn the Russian operation in Ukraine, China received a warning from NATO.

NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg stated that the alliance will expand cooperation with partners in Asia due to China’s refusal to condemn Russia’s operation in Ukraine.

Chinese Deputy Foreign Minister Le Yucheng said a few days ago that NATO should stick to what he called, “by promising not to expand to the East.”

Le also said that with further NATO enlargement, the alliance would “get closer to the suburbs of Moscow”, from where, as he stated, the projectile could hit the Kremlin within seven or eight minutes.

“If you push such a large country, especially a nuclear power, into a corner, it would lead to consequences that are too terrible for us to imagine,” the Chinese diplomat emphasized.


Xinhua News Agency
April 5, 2022

Xi congratulates Aleksandar Vucic on reelection as Serbian president

Chinese President Xi Jinping on Tuesday sent a congratulatory message to Aleksandar Vucic on his reelection as president of Serbia.

In his message, Xi pointed out that in recent years, the China-Serbia comprehensive strategic partnership has maintained vigorous development momentum, with the two sides seeing solid political mutual trust and fruitful bilateral practical cooperation.

Facing major global changes unseen in a century, the two sides firmly respect each other, treat each other as equals, and join hands in building a community with a shared future for mankind, making positive contributions to safeguarding international equity and justice, said the Chinese president.

Xi also said that he attaches great importance to the development of China-Serbia relations, and cherishes the good working relationship and friendship with President Vucic.

He added that he is willing to work with President Vucic to strengthen strategic communication, consolidate political mutual trust, expand and deepen mutually beneficial cooperation in all fields between the two countries, and steer China-Serbia ties towards new achievements, so as to benefit the two countries and their people.