Associated Press of Pakistan
April 5, 2022

Nation to bury politics of traitors forever: PM

LAHORE: Prime Minister Imran Khan Tuesday said the Pakistani nation would teach a lesson to those traitors in the general elections who tried to topple an elected government that was pursuing an independent foreign policy.

Addressing a gathering of Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf workers here, he said, “The people of the country will teach a lesson to these traitors (opposition leaders) in the next general elections by burying their politics forever.” The prime minister, referring to his main political opponents, said the three stooges had been plundering the national wealth for the last 30 years and stashed it abroad.

“They can say that beggars are not choosers,” owing to their vested personal interests, he added. He said a drama had been staged in the country….With such shabby tactics, the democracy, future of the coming generations, and solidarity of the nation had been put at stake, he added.


The prime minister said with such a trend, any foreign country could purchase the localities of the lawmakers and topple an elected government. He resolved that they would fully confront them legally. The case was taken up by the Supreme Court. “All those are traitors who have played a part in the foreign conspiracy,” he added.


Daily Times
April 5, 2022

US decided to punish disobedient Imran Khan: Russia

Russia has criticised the US for making “another attempt of shameless interference” into the internal affairs of Pakistan, adding that it sought to punish a “disobedient” Imran Khan.

Spokesperson of the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Maria Zakharova said, “Immediately after the announcement of the working visit of Imran Khan to Moscow on February 23-24 this year, the Americans and their Western associates began to exert rude pressure on the prime minister, demanding an ultimatum to cancel the trip.”

“When he nevertheless came to us, (presumable US official Donald Lu) called the Pakistani ambassador in Washington and demanded that the visit be immediately interrupted, which was also rejected,” she stated.

” This is another attempt of shameless US interference in the internal affairs of an independent state for its own selfish purposes. The above facts eloquently testify to this,” Zakharova said.


Voice of America News
April 2, 2022

Pakistan Army Chief Blasts Russia’s Aggression Against Ukraine

Pakistan’s military chief Saturday slammed Russia’s military attack on Ukraine, calling for immediate cessation of what he described as a “huge tragedy” being inflicted on a smaller country.

General Qamar Javed Bajwa’s rare criticism of Moscow evidently was at variance with that of his country’s embattled prime minister, Imran Khan, who has advocated Islamabad’s neutrality in the conflict and refused to criticize Russian President Vladimir Putin’s actions.

“Sadly, the Russian invasion against Ukraine is very unfortunate as thousands of people have been killed, millions made refugees and half of Ukraine destroyed,” Bajwa told an international security dialogue in Islamabad.

“Despite legitimate security concerns of Russia, its aggression against a smaller country cannot be condoned. Pakistan has consistently called for an immediate cease-fire and cessation of hostilities,” Bajwa said.


Times of India
April 3, 2022

Explained: How army is still deciding course of Pakistan politics

Though Pakistan is constitutionally a democratic parliamentary republic, the military has been in charge for half of its 74-year-long history. Since 1947, Pakistan has been ruled by four different military rulers under three different military coups (1958-71, 1977-88 and 1999-2008).

In an attempt to stop the cycle of long military rule followed by a brief stint of an elected government, the National Assembly in 2010 passed the 18th Constitutional Amendment. This amendment removed the power of the President to dissolve the parliament unilaterally.

Though Pakistan has since seen fairly democratic transitions of power, the influence of the army on the decision-making bodies has not reduced.

In fact, recent developments in Pakistan and the no-trust vote against Prime Minister Imran Khan suggests that the influence has increased in subtler ways.

Army hand behind early elections?

Imran Khan recently disclosed that the country’s ‘establishment’ (widely read as the army) gave him three options to end the ongoing political turmoil: Face the no-confidence motion in parliament; Hold fresh elections; Step down from the post of PM.