Anadolu Agency
April 8, 2022

What the West should do in the Balkans now
If there was ever a time to fast-track NATO’s expansion in the Balkans, now is the time

Led by the US, the West should move to integrate the Balkans within the Atlantic Alliance. The Biden administration is now in a unique position to push for the accession of Bosnia and Kosovo into NATO….By integrating both Bosnia and Kosovo, the Biden administration would achieve a significant milestone….

Furthermore, the US should exert pressure on the EU to bring Bosnia and Kosovo closer to full membership….

Similarly, the EU should change its policy and open the door to Kosovo. The country’s commitment to the West has been proven on multiple occasions….The country remains committed to joining both NATO and the EU.


Biden’s legacy

US President Joe Biden is now into his second year, with mid-term elections coming up this November. While his administration has responded well to the invasion of Ukraine, Biden still needs to consolidate his foreign policy legacy.

Almost three decades ago, Biden was a hawkish senator advocating a robust American response to the wars in Bosnia and Kosovo. As president, Biden is in a position to move forward with the integration of Bosnia and Kosovo into NATO....Fast-tracking NATO accession for Bosnia and Kosovo would also be scoring a major foreign policy success that would dovetail with President Biden’s commitment to the Balkans in the 1990s.