The Telegraph
April 9, 2022

Exclusive: Full-scale Nato military force to defend borders

Nato is drawing up plans to deploy a permanent full-scale military force on its border…the alliance’s secretary general has revealed.

In an interview with The ­Telegraph, Jens Stoltenberg said Nato was “in the midst of a very fundamental transformation” that will reflect “the long-term consequences”….

As part of a major “reset”, the relatively small “tripwire” presence on the alliance’s eastern flank will be replaced with sufficient forces to repel an attempted invasion of member states such as Estonia and Latvia. Options for the reset are being developed by Nato military commanders.

The disclosure came as Boris Johnson made an unexpected visit to Kyiv to hold talks with Volodymyr Zelensky, the Ukrainian president. The Prime Minister used the visit, which was planned in secrecy, to announce that Britain was sending anti-ship missiles and 120 armoured vehicles in the latest batch of military assistance.


Setting out plans for the “reset” of Nato, Mr Stoltenberg pointed out that it now already had 40,000 troops under its direct command in the eastern part of the alliance – nearly 10 times the number it had a few months before the invasion.

But he added: “What we see now is a new reality, a new normal for European security. Therefore, we have now asked our military commanders to provide options for what we call a reset, a longer-term adaptation of Nato. I expect that Nato leaders will make decisions on this when they meet in Madrid at the Nato summit in June.”

[N]ow Nato is preparing to have a permanent presence on its eastern flank of a scale that could itself defend the alliance….