Iraqi News Agency
April 19, 2022

Ministry of Foreign Affairs summons the Turkish ambassador and hands him a strongly worded protest note

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs summoned today, Tuesday, the Turkish ambassador to Iraq, Ali Riza Guney, and handed him a strongly worded protest letter against the backdrop of the continuous breaches and violations of the Turkish army in northern Iraq.


Ahval News
April 19, 2022

Turkey posing threat to Iraq’s security, Iraqi presidency says

Turkey’s military operation within Iraq’s borders is a “violation” of the country’s sovereignty and a “threat to its national security,” the Iraqi Presidency said on Tuesday.

“The repetition of Turkish military operations inside the Iraqi borders in the Kurdistan Region, without coordinating with the Iraqi federal government, despite previous calls to stop them [the operations], is unacceptable,” the presidency said in a statement, pro-Kurdish news website Rudaw reported.

Turkey’s military launched air strikes against Kurdish militants in northern Iraq early Monday. The Defence Ministry said Turkey began the “Operation Claw Lock”….

“Unilateral security practices in addressing outstanding security issues are unacceptable, and Iraqi sovereignty must be respected,” the statement from the Iraqi Presidency said.

In October, Turkish parliament passed a motion to extend the Turkish military’s mandate to carry out cross-border operations in the region for two more years, to pursue campaigns against Kurdish forces.


The Turkish military regularly conducts cross-border operations in northern Iraq.