Multinational Corps Northeast
May 10, 2022

German 61 Surface-to-Air Missile Group to reinforce eFP Battlegroup Lithuania

The reinforcement of eFP Battlegroup Lithuania with comprehensive air-defence capabilities is a crucial step towards further enhancing the battlegroup’s operational capability and sustainability. This is a vital contribution by the German Armed Forces to strengthening NATO’s eastern flank and bolstering solidarity with Eastern European NATO partners.

…The light air defence system is operated by the 3rd Squadron of 61 Surface-to-Air Missile Group based in Todendorf, Germany at the Baltic Sea. The system is designed to provide protection against low-flying aircraft and helicopters to forces, areas, installations and mobile operations conducted by the armed forces.

The effectiveness of the light air defence system is based on the firepower of the Stinger man-portable air defence (MANPAD) system. This enables the soldiers to engage targets up to a distance of 6000m and an altitude of 3000m….Following detection of the target, the crew commander selects the Ozelot weapon carrier most ideally positioned to engage the target. The reconnaissance, command and control and fire control vehicle can effectively coordinate the operation of up to eight weapon carriers.

All vehicles are based on the Wiesel 2 weapon carrier. The Ozelot weapon carrier is armed with four Stinger guided missiles….

The Stinger MANPAD system not only can be fired from the Ozelot weapon carrier, but can also be used by MANPAD teams as a shoulder-fired weapon. These teams can be deployed to cover blind areas, take over for the weapon carrier during ammunition replenishment or whenever the situation requires.