Helsinki Times/ANI
May 14, 2022

Biden backs NATO’s open-door policy in call with Sweden, Finland leaders

US President Joe Biden, in a call with leaders of Sweden and Finland discussed close defense cooperation between countries and underscored his support for NATO’s open-door policy.

This comes as Finland and Sweden have started discussing the possibility of abandoning long-term neutrality [sic] and joining NATO amid the Russian military operation in Ukraine.

“President Biden underscored his support for NATO’s Open Door policy and for the right of Finland and Sweden to decide their own future, foreign policy, and security arrangements,” said a White House press release after the call.

Biden spoke with Swedish Prime Minister Magdalena Andersson and Finland President Sauli Niinisto and discussed the close defense and security cooperation between countries as well as respective efforts aimed at strengthening Transatlantic security.


They reiterated their shared commitment to continued coordination in support of Ukraine and the Ukrainian people affected by the war.