Ukrainian News Agency
May 16, 2022

Major Military Exercises Involving 10 Countries Start In Estonia

The extensive Siil 2022 exercises, with more than 15,000 military personnel from 10 countries taking part, begin today in Estonia. This was reported by the Estonian Defense Forces, European Pravda writes.

About 7,100 reservists, 2,500 conscripts, 2,000 contract soldiers and 4,200 allied soldiers from 10 countries are taking part in the exercises. Hundreds of pieces of equipment are involved, including armored vehicles, infantry fighting vehicles, tanks, ships, helicopters and aircraft.

The purpose of the exercises is to test combat capability and evaluate international cooperation in response to various threats….

The exercises will involve American, British and Polish missile systems, and the geography of the exercises will cover the territory from the Danish island of Bornholm to northern Latvia. The exercises will end on June 3.

At the same time, several more exercises are being held in and near Estonia. Latvia organizes the Namejs exercise, which, among other things, trains cross-border cooperation and joint command procedures with the Estonian Defense Forces.

As part of the Defender Europe exercise, the marines will interact with the Estonian military on Saaremaa, live firing will take place at sea. NATO Northern Division Headquarters will conduct Knight Legion exercises.