Anadolu Agency
May 23, 2022

Turkish armored vehicle Yoruk 4×4 begins 1st mission in Africa
Turkish firm Nurol Makina, which signed contract with 4 countries for the vehicle, makes 1st delivery to Chad

Turkish armored land vehicle Yoruk 4×4 has started its first field mission in Africa.

Turkish military land vehicle producer Nurol Makina introduced Yoruk 4X4 for the first time at the International Defense Industry Fair in 2017, with the slogan that it “will open a new era in its class.”

….The company in a short time signed contracts with a total of four countries, with Chad becoming the first African country to import the vehicle.

Chad had recently added the Ejder Yalcin 4X4 armored combat vehicles, also produced by Nurol Makina, to its inventory.