May 28, 2022

Biden administration approves supply of MLRS to Ukraine

The Biden administration is likely to announce about the approved decision to send long-range M31 GMLRS multiple launch rocket systems to Ukraine, U.S. media reported referring to well-informed sources.

The New York Times said that The Biden administration has approved sending long-range multiple launch rocket systems to Ukraine.

According to Dow Jones [Wall Street Journal?], in addition to the M31 GMLRS, the new military assistance package will also include High Mobility Artillery Rocket Systems, or Himars. Their range is comparable to the MLRS, but unlike the M31 GMLRS, Himars move on wheeled truck chassis.

The source of the agency said that, according to calculations, both systems can give the Ukrainian military greater mobility than the M777 howitzers that the United States is still sending to Ukraine.

[O]ne official said they could arrive in Ukraine within weeks. The United States also said Ukrainian forces would need at least a week of training to use them, Dow Jones said.