June 10, 2022

RIA Novosti removes Karabakh story after Azerbaijan blocks website

RIA Novosti has removed an interview with Nagorno-Karabakh (Artsakh) State Minister Artak Beglaryan after authorities in Azerbaijan blocked the news website.

After the interview was published, the Azerbaijani Foreign Ministry declared that the interview with “separatist” motifs “overshadows Russia’s efforts to establish peace, and the 2022 declaration on allied cooperation between Russia and Azerbaijan.”

In particular, Beglaryan said Russian peacekeepers should remain in the region, as Azerbaijan is not ready to hold negotiations based on three principles proposed by international mediators – territorial integrity, the right of nations to self-determination and non-use of force or threat of use of force.


Azeri Press Agency
June 12, 2022

President: Relations between Azerbaijan and Russia will continue to strengthen and expand

“The signing of the Declaration on Allied Interaction in February of this year confirmed the high level of our interstate relations over the past thirty years,” reads the congratulatory letter of President of the Republic of Azerbaijan Ilham Aliyev to President Vladimir Putin on the occasion of the state holiday of the Russian Federation – Day of Russia….

The letter also reads: “I am confident that relations between the Republic of Azerbaijan and the Russian Federation will continue to strengthen and expand through our joint efforts….”