June 13, 2022

The President of Germany expressed his support for a return to general military service

German Federal President Frank-Walter Steinmeier has said he supports the idea of ​​compulsory military service in Germany.

AZERTAC reports with reference to Stern that the head of state raised this controversial issue against the background of the changing security architecture in the world, especially in Europe. The main argument of the President is that in the current situation, people are not involved in public life, they are isolated from the processes taking place in society.

…According to him, “compulsory service” should not be understood only as military service. This is a broader idea and involves working in the Bundeswehr, in support of the army….

The compulsory military service for young people could help solve the Bundeswehr’s difficulties in finding new soldiers.

In this case, the President did not specify the term of service. “The service life can be set at one year, but other options can be considered,” he said.