Ukrainian News Agency
June 14, 2022

Scholz Again Promised To Supply Ukraine With Most Modern Weapons

German Chancellor Olaf Scholz confirmed Berlin’s commitment to supply Ukraine with modern weapons.
DW writes about this, European Pravda reports.

“It is clear that Ukraine needs additional weapons for its defense,” Scholz said, adding that Germany has been supplying Ukraine with weapons since the invasion began.

“In this critical phase, we are significantly expanding our support: we are, among other things, supplying Ukraine with a modern anti-aircraft system and an artillery detection radar,” the Chancellor said.

Scholz said that arms deliveries will be carried out in coordination with partners from Europe and NATO.

He added that it was important that Germany and its allies defend “every inch of NATO territory” and that Berlin would increase its presence on NATO’s eastern flank.

Germany previously announced plans to supply the Gepard to the AFU, Panzerhaubitze 2000 howitzers, the Iris-T anti-aircraft system and the Mars multiple launch rocket system.


Deutsche Welle
June 14, 2022

Germany’s Olaf Scholz expected to visit Ukraine

“The people of Ukraine expect that during his visit to Kyiv Chancellor Olaf Scholz will announce that he is bringing with him a new relief package of German weaponry, which absolutely should immediately include the deliverable Leopard-1 tanks as well as more Marder armored infantry fighting vehicles,” [Ukrainian ambassador to Ukraine Andriy] Melnyk told the dpa news agency.