Daily Sabah
June 15, 2022

War against Ukraine unjustifiable, Deputy FM Kaymakcı says

Russia’s war against Ukraine is unjustifiable, Deputy Foreign Minister Faruk Kaymakcı said on Tuesday, underlining that “it is a grave violation of international law.”

Speaking during a reception held by the Polish and Lithuanian embassies in the capital Ankara to mark May 3, 1791, Constitution Day, Kaymakcı said: “Unfortunately, this year we have witnessed a major attack on European peace and stability.”

“We have stood by Ukraine from day one. We have been seeking ways of bringing an end to the war,” he said….

“Overall, we will continue on this path so that a sovereign and independent Ukraine takes its rightful place among the peaceful nations of Europe.”


The reception started with the national anthems of Poland, Lithuania, Ukraine and Turkey, which were played by valuable musicians Yevgienij Kostrytskyy from Ukraine and Rustam Rahmedov from Turkmenistan. The anthems were followed by speeches by Poland’s Charge d’Affaires Robert Trzeciak, Lithuania’s Ambassador to Turkey Ricardas Degutis, Ukraine’s Ambassador to Turkey Vasyl Bodnar, who was the special guest of the program, and Kaymakcı.

On May 3, 1791, parliamentarians from the Polish and Lithuanian Commonwealth adopted the May 3 Constitution….


On ties with Lithuania, Kaymakcı said that last year the two countries celebrated the 30th anniversary of the reestablishment of diplomatic relations.

He underlined that Turkey never recognized the Soviet occupation and the subsequent annexation of Lithuania after World War II.

We were one of the strongest advocates of Lithuania’s accession to NATO,” he said further, adding that Ankara appreciates both Poland and Lithuania’s support in Turkey’s EU membership process.