Azeri Press Agency
June 20, 2022

“Anatolian Eagle – 2022” exercise kicks off

Anadolu Eagle-2022 international tactical flight training started at the air base in Konya, Turkiye, according to the Turkish National Defence Ministry….

It was noted that alongside the Turkish Air Force and Navy, military servicemen from Azerbaijan, England, Jordan, Pakistan, and NATO joined the exercise.


Azeri Press Agency
June 19, 2022

Azerbaijani fighter jets participating in training in Turkiye

The Turkish Ministry of National Defense has released a video on the preparation flights of the countries participating in the “Anatolian Eagle-2022” exercise in Turkiye on June 20, said the Ministry on Twitter, APA reports.

“Images of the handover of friendly and allied aircraft with our Air Force aircraft to the 3rd Main Jet Base Command in Konya, which will participate in the” Anatolian Eagle – 2022 “exercise scheduled for June 20 – July 1, 2022,” the statement said.