Ukrainian News Agency
July 7, 2022

Ex-NATO Commander Calls On Ukraine To Blow Up Crimean Bridge

Former Commander-in-Chief of the NATO Allied Forces in Europe, General Philip Breedlove, said that the Crimean Bridge is a legitimate target for attack by Ukraine. It is reported by Express on Friday, July 8.
Breedlove indicated that damage to the Crimean Bridge would be a devastating blow to the Kremlin, as it links the Russian mainland to the peninsula. The General called on Ukraine to attack the bridge with Harpoon missiles.

“The Kerch Bridge is a legitimate target. It doesn’t surprise me at all that the Russians are worried about the Kerch Bridge. For them, it is incredibly important. Now that the West has provided Ukraine with Harpoon subsonic cruise missiles with a range of up to 200 miles (321 km), I think the Russians have every reason to worry that Ukraine could attack the bridge,” Breedlove said.


As Ukrainian News Agency reported, on April 21, Secretary of the National Security and Defense Council Oleksii Danilov said that as soon as Kyiv had a chance to hit the Kerch or Crimean bridge, it would be done.

On June 15, Major General of the Armed Forces of Ukraine Dmytro Marchenko, in an interview with Radio Liberty, said that the Crimean Bridge would be the number one target for destruction.