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July 8, 2022

Latvia to expand conscription requirements to include women, diaspora

First announced on Tuesday, Latvia’s plan to reinstate military conscription could be expanded to include diaspora Latvians as well as women on a mandatory, not voluntary, basis, Latvian public broadcaster LSM reported.

The Defense Ministry’s offered obligation is a new social contract between Latvian society and the state, which means that all citizens must be involved in protecting the state, Latvian Ministry of Defense spokesperson Kaspars Galkins told LETA according to LSM.

As this involvement would constitute one of the most important guarantees of Latvian independence, the plan is to expand compulsory military service to include Latvian citizens within recruitment age living abroad as well.


Citizens living abroad who have joined Latvia’s National Guard (Zemessardze, ZS) have also proven to return from their country of residence regularly to participate in training.


The Defense Ministry noted that it stands for gender equality, andit would be possible to expand mandatory service to all.